Saturday, June 26, 2010

Big Baby Steps of Progress...

More progress... because Spring is the busy season at the boat yard, it might seem like we're making baby steps but they are BIG baby steps. For sure.

Ta-da! Used to be a window...

View from outside

View from outside part deux

Door is in, and the window moved over to the left

Half the tile (so far) came up, new subfloor down

Jonesin' for a Craft Fix

Big time. So I made a new roman shade for the downstairs powder room. I guess I just get bored... ? The shade used to be a roller shade in black and white (that I made but it wasn't functional. Oops!)



Well when we started the project we really had no idea what we were getting into. Actually, I think John expected it, but it still doesn't cease to amaze him how structurally unsound our house was (IS!) To me it just all looks scary beneath the covers.

So the following pictures are really just to show you how crazy strong it is now. No more bouncing at my desk upstairs when the dogs run by. Sound as a pound.

This is to illustrate how nail happy the previous "builder" was. This is the old subfloor.

There are now 12 inch spaces whereas before we were pushin' 20+. AND you'll notice a new supporting beam running through the kitchen, which replaced something that more closely resembled a twig. Crazy man did it by himself. I was sure to leave the premises when this all went down.

Every poop pipe gets wallpaper in this household.