Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Did You Do Today?

JL finished up a wall of insulation...

Added some drywall...
(not without drilling a screw into his thumb, the big dummy)
And me?
What started as this...
ended up as this!

Bye-bye oak! Who knows how long we'll keep the full bath this way but it's a quick fix!!! And for an impatient gal, sometimes it's the best way to go.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/3 Gone

Yep these two beams are holding up the house. The drywall came down and John discovered that the previous supporting structure was in poor shape, was really small, and in some spots wasn't even sitting on anything. Ugh. SO some structural enhancements, shall we say, need to be done before the fun stuff starts. Ah the joys of ancient dwellings...
Stove is moving over a foot to the right and more cabinets and countertop will go on the left of the new stove
Closer view of the lacking support
Yes those are cobwebs that we found when we took down the... whatever it's called.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Kitchen Before

Well... this is our kitchen. Wait wait. WAS our kitchen. New walls, ceiling, painted tile floor,appliances coming SOON! This kitchen is just too... old and sort of country for me. And white is not a smart paint color for cabinets when you live with John Linsley.
Cleared off counters to left. You'll see why soon.

Horrible ceramic tile floor...
Old appliances

Fridge and wall of storage...


Beat up cabinet doors

Pictures of demolition coming! Eeek!