Sunday, March 28, 2010

Major Catch Up Part 1: The Bathroom

After being lazy, a weeklong vacation, some work travel and BEING LAZY, I'm finally posting a new update on what we've done to the house.

I guess I can't really say I've been that lazy seeing as I decided to repaint the upstairs bathroom, replace all the fixtures, mirror, lighting, etc. Everthing went well except for the discovery of knob and tube wiring. Major oops. So, much to John's dismay, he had to put a temporary halt on the kitchen to rewire the entire upstairs. For those of you that think that John Linsley is laid back and even tempered. WRONG. Come over one day while he's doing a gut job or trying to manipulate a piece of teak. You'll see...

Anyway, this is the bathroom before. The blue isn't horrible, it just seems like a bathroom suited for a little kid so it was time to change it.

Walls changed from blue to Sherwin-Williams Grecian White, new linen shower curtain, pictures rematted, all new fixtures, new handmade roman shade courtesy of directions from Little Green Notebook...
Before (but after I painted the vanity)
New light fixture from Target, with glass shades and silver tipped lightbulbs from Schoolhouse Electric.

We took the old mirror and John made a teak frame for it. It's my favorite part of the bathroom.

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