Friday, September 24, 2010

Eloise's Room

My sister is having a baby.  And of course I'm excited to be an aunt but I was alarmingly excited at the prospect of a nursery to force design ideas onto.  Clearly I'm no professional I just love it and if my sister likes my ideas, then, hey, free design advice for her!  That being said I tried my own design board.  She was waffling on colors since it's a little girl (to be named Eloise) so I came up with a couple of ideas to get her brain goin'.  I'll tell you at the bottom which one she's going to use.

I'm sure you're dying to know. Hehehe... She chose the middle one. Loved the gingham. Yay me. Now this is mostly a loose set of ideas that she can follow to stay on track. I'll try to get her to send me photos along the way (she's in Ohio, I'm in MA) so we can see the progress. It's fun for me. ZERO WORK. On HER house. Mine is a nightmare. Updated photos coming soon... I'll give you a teaser though. Heard from downstairs yesterday: "Well at least the bathtub won't fall through the floor." Ah THAT'S a relief. Cut to The Money Pit... 

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