Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our New Deck

We have a fairly good sized piece of property (1/3 acre, which is pl-EN-ty for us) but the way we use the outdoor space is sorta limited. Just a huge lawn. Up until this summer all we really had was a brick patio (beautiful) to relax on but there is no privacy or protection from the sun and heat in the summer. And I'm no "glistener." 

In comes a brilliant idea. My awesome cousin was getting rid of all the Western Red Cedar from his deck last year and was nice enough to let thrifty John snatch it up for reuse. It's gorgeous cedar. And as luck would have it, we had the perfect spot for a small deck that would provide more privacy AND shade! We added this deck right off the kitchen. We took out a window, added a French door and voila. John even used some of the leftover wood to craft two deck chairs and we found this super cool wrought iron and wood rocker at Todd Farm for $35 that we'll fix up next year. It's great - the dogs can stick their little noses out the bottom to spy on the neighborhood, John and I can relax with our coffee or cocktail, and we can forget about the mess that awaits us right inside the door... Ignorance is... well, you know.


  1. Your deck looks great! It’s also really good that John decided to use your cousin’s wood to make your deck. That’s environmentally friendly! Besides, reclaimed and reused wood is quite a trend in construction and interior design these days. I love that he was also able to make some chairs from the wood to match your deck.

  2. Having privacy outdoors is wonderful. Having alone time on a deck as beautiful as yours would be great. Also, it was good of you guys to use reclaimed wood for your deck because you’ve done your part to help the environment.